Friday, February 25, 2011


Feeling tired of typing in those long email addresses? Then look no further , for Semantic e-mail Addressing is your way out.
No need to type in even the recipient's e-mail addresses, or even their names
Semantic email addressing (SEA) lets users send email to a semantically specified group of recipients. It provides all of the functionality of static email mailing lists, but because users can maintain their own profiles, they don't need to subscribe, unsubscribe, or change email addresses. Because of its targeted nature, SEA could help combat unintentional spam and preserve the privacy of email addresses and even individual identities.

Stanford University has revelaed this e-mail system radically change how users specify where their messages are supposed to be delivered.Technical details, such as the need to specify an e-mail address, get hidden inside the system, so that everyday users no longer have to pay attention to them. If a person(say X) wants to send email to another person (say Y), then X could simply type Y's name as a recipient, and his most recent e-mail address would automatically be selected.

This feature can also be extended to delivering mass emails to groups but the limitation being the amount of information thae system has about each recipient of the group.Rich database can seemingly solve this problem but the technical challenge is setting up an integrated version of the data that SEAmail can access easily is still at bay.But this email system cannot be foolproof and we have to wait a bit longer to see it work out more functionally for wider use

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